On-site Training for Better Workflows

We offer on-site training on a range of topics covering documentation, communities, and collaborative planning and writing. We have an engaging and dynamic teaching style, and our hands-on sessions encourage student participation.

Mallard 101


As the leading experts on the dynamic help language Mallard, we can provide comprehensive training on not just syntax, but also best practices for organizing, planning, writing, and reviewing. Mallard encourages a different, more agile approach to writing, and we know how to make the best of it.

Mallard training sessions can take one to three days, depending on background and goals. We begin with basic technical writing principles adapted to Mallard and teach the core syntax along the way. Depending on your needs, any of the following topics can be covered:

  • Using Mallard extensions such as conditional processing and faceted navigation.

  • Developing your own extensions to support your needs.

  • Integrating status tracking into your workflow.

  • Making effective use of version control with multiple contributors.

  • Engaging user communities in the writing process.